Patients have a legal right to their health information. Amida makes open source components that help health data holders deliver secure, excellent, and easy-to-use services to their customers and stakeholders.

  • – Access, consolidate, and reconcile data from a variety of different sources
  • – Create secure and complete patient-centric and patient-facing services
  • – Build enterprise health data solutions faster, better, and more reliably

Years of health data have accumulated in closed, customized, proprietary systems that do not connect to each other, and are not available to patients.

Retrieving health data from laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, state registries, clinics and hospitals, payors, medical equipment and fitness devices – and putting them into single patient-centered, convenient and secure place – is a seriously hard problem.

Blue Button has changed this for the better. Born at the Department of Veterans Affairs and now a national program administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, Blue Button is today the most widely used personal health record in the United States.

Amida has built a library of open source Blue Button and health informatics components that clinical service providers, drug and insurance companies, population health management companies, and employers can use to keep their customers, patients, caretakers, and team informed and healthy. At the core of our portfolio is the Data Reconciliation Engine, or DRE. It enables our customers to retrieve information on behalf of their patients. The DRE aggregates, consolidates, and reconciles personal health information from a variety of health data providers, and stores it in a master health record. Patients can download that record, or electronically share it with family members and people they trust. It enables patients to identify and correct errors, as well as manually reconcile partial matches via a simple web interface.