Cybersecurity & Governance

A track record of success in cybersecurity.

  • – Ensure compliance with industry standards and guidelines
  • – Define and manage data ownership, governance, and oversight
  • – Assess security tools and ensure proper configuration
  • – Architect solutions that improve surveillance and detection
  • – Identify hardware vulnerabilities

Citizens, patients, employees, vendors, members, customers, and business partners place their trust in private corporations and public institutions to safeguard data and maintain critical functions.

Public and stakeholder awareness has raised expectations of how companies and institutions design and implement security controls.

Amida has a distinguished track record of cybersecurity innovation and business operations. We provide our customers with the expertise, standard operating procedures, and practical tools that keep them ahead of the problem, and strategic communications to help resolve problems when they occur.

Data is the final frontier of cybersecurity. Amida is expert in the collection, aggregation, reconciliation and synthesis of the data that protects your clients’ security and privacy, and keeps you in business.

Enterprises can’t secure what they can’t find – or don’t even know they have. Identifying enterprise vulnerabilities and protecting users’ privacy is paramount. Amida’s innovative data management solutions can help tackle today’s most vexing cybersecurity challenges.